Mistletoe musings

Imagine a scene. Soft snow gently falling, blanketing a small town in fluffy white. Light from the warmly lit street lamps reflects off the snowflakes to create a subtle shimmering, giving the quaint town the sensation of vibrancy. On a bench, we see a couple draped in each other and lost to the world for one of their own.

Say what you will, but doesn’t that town sound like so many in New Hampshire? Forget Ohio, New Hampshire is for lovers! Here are a few of our favorite date spots and ideas in the winter time!

  • IncrediBREW
    • Learn something new and co-create a couple’s beer for you to sample when it is ready!
  • Red Rivers Theater
    • Challenge your viewing experience and open yourself to some different types of films.
  • Crack the Code
    • Can you work together to escape the room? Challenges await indoors!
  • Dover Ice Arena
    • Majestic! Astounding! Beautiful! It is what onlookers will shout as your couple’s romance glides across the ice
  • Elm City Brewing Company
    • It may not be how you met (or maybe it is) but sharing a laugh over a brew is a treasured past-time for any couple.
  • Berlin Bowling Center
    • Sometimes a little healthy dose of competition is good for the fire! Keep the flame alive with a scooch of bowling.

Naturally, there are many more activities that you can do in New Hampshire for dates. Check out our website for other suggestions, just search for it!

Thanksgiving in New Hampshire

Some may say that it is through the persistence of New Hampshire residents Thanksgiving came to be recognized nationally. One person, in particular – a writer, Sarah Hale made a true and sizable impact.

For 17 years Sarah Hale campaigned to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. Writing for governors, a series of presidents, and editorials – what she was most known for. In fact, Sarah had been writing editorials for 40 years as the editor of Godey’s Lady Book. The most widely circulated magazine in America before the Civil War containing recipes, dress patterns, sheet music, and the works of American authors like Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Edgar Allen Poe.

It was Sarah’s upbringing that would fuel Sarah’s patriotism. Her father fought for independence against the British and as such, “She saw the results of the deprivation, the harm, that a war, a hard-fought war did one her one family never mind her family and friends.”

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day a national holiday, putting a stop to States celebrating turkey-day whenever they wanted to. Sarah, eventually understanding her campaign to be a success stated,

“Everything that contributes to bind us in one vast empire together. To quicken the sympathy that makes us feel from the icy North to the sunny South, that we are one family. Each a member of a great and free nation, not merely the unit of a remote locality, is worthy of being cherished” – Sarah Hale

If you want to find out more about Sarah Hale’s story and how New Hampshire played a critical role in Thanksgiving, check out her book titled “Northwood”. If you are looking for things to do in New Hampshire on your Thanksgiving Day, be sure to check out NHRocks.com for the best list of things to do!

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Bridges undercover

It’s snowy out. It’s cold. You don’t want to go outside yet you don’t want to stay inside either. What do you do?

Why don’t you top off your gas tank, grab some warm drinks, and drive through some amazing New Hampshire scenery on your way to marvel at the covered bridges of the Granite State!

New Hampshire currently has 55 covered bridges on the National Register of Historic Places but some sources state that there used to be over 400 covered bridges in the ol’ 603. Could you imagine that road trip?

So, if you’re up for an adventure here are a few of our favorite bridges to check out:

  • Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge
    • The LONGEST wooden covered bridge in America with the power to teleport you into Vermont. What a ride!
  • The Kissing Bridge
    • Hidden in the Polar Caves Park is the “Kissing Bridge.” Explore the park and take part in grossing out the youngest in visiting families.
  • The Flume Bridge
    • At The Flume Gorge in Franconia State Park, there is a highly photographed covered bridge. While the bridge itself is beautiful we included this one because you get to get out of the car to walk around The Flume. Perfect as a way to break up a long covered bridge road trip!
  • Blair Covered Bridge
    • If you feel like the world is often out to get you, you may find your soul’s resonance at the Blair Covered Bridge. Burnt down, drowned horse, resurrected, destroyed by Irene, repaired, and now ready to handle more of the world’s animosity.
  • Albany Covered Bridge
    • You could fill your whole camera up with photos of this drive. The Kancamagus is known for its captivating views and it’s no surprise that it’s covered bridge would be any different!

Did we not mention your favorite bridge? Let us know! If you’re looking for things to do other than covered bridges, check out our website at NHRocks.com!

A stampede through Keene

Did you know that Keene was once home to a MASSIVE stampede?! We ain’t fibbin’! Now, the stampede may have been CGI but considering it was for “Jumanji” we can let this one slide.

The film “Jumanji” had some notable shots filmed in Keene, NH (so cool!) and when the film wrapped, the fictitious Parish Shoe Company sign was left behind. Since then, the installment has become a mourning sight for the late, great Robin Williams.

Keene residents played more of a role in this film than simply offering their hometown, however. In the stampede scene, about 150 locals were involved in the filming as extras (look out L.A.).

Jumanji isn’t the only film to use New Hampshire as a backdrop, however. “On Golden Pond” and “The Good Son” are two other well-known movies that shot scenes in New Hampshire, but the list does not end there! “Thinner”, “In Your Eyes”, “Click”, “What About Bob”, and a variety of others round out the list.

Maybe it’s our people, perhaps it’s our scenery, but there is just something so darn attractive about the Granite State (we said with obvious bias) and that’s only part of why we love it so much here!

If you’re looking for more facts or fun things to do, check out our website at NHRocks.com, follow us on Instagram (@n.h._rocks) and check out our Facebook to see what we do in the cold!

Image Courtesy of Ron Schott

The weather outside is delightful – baby, it’s cold outside!

No misspellings here! While some people think cold weather is frightful, in New Hampshire we delight when the pow hits the skies. Here are a few of our favorite activities during the winter months:

  • Snowshoeing
    • It’s like walking but in the snow. A great low-impact exercise for the family (be sure to bring the dog… if they like the cold)
  • Ice Fishing
    • Now our results here are a little limited (give us time, NH has a lot to do!) but if you know of a lake, it’s likely you can fish on it! If you’re looking to join a community of fishermen, check out the Meredith Ice Fishing Derby! Be sure to get those houses off the ice before the thaw though.
  • Snowmobiling
    • What a way to get around and travel around the Granite State! Just a little gas provides a lot of fun! Go North for the most freedom to use these incredible machines.
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
    • We have to include this on the list and yes, we know ski mountain ticket prices are getting up there, but you don’t always have to pay to play in the ol’ 603! With just a little effort you can ski some of the most memorable mountains in the North East. When was the last time you took a trip down Tuckerman’s Ravine?
  • Snow Tubing
    • Get a tube, find a hill, and let gravity take over! (please be careful)
  • Nordic Skiing
    • Maybe controlling a fall down a hill doesn’t do it for you? Well, why not strap on some xc-skis and go fast on the flat ground?!
  • Indoor Adventures
    • Sometimes it’s just TOO cold to be outside. That’s when it’s great to explore the great wide indoors! From breweries to candy stores, to arcades, to indoor surfing, New Hampshire has got you covered! You can always check out our indoor adventure lists or shoot us a message. We are always happy to help you have fun!

With all these options you have more than one opportunity to stay warm in the cold. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@n.h._rocks) and check out our Facebook to see what we do in the cold!





Live Free or Die

Death is not the worst of all evils.

With these words, General John Stark provided New Hampshire with the most badass state motto, unequivocally. While we all may take pride in our state and our motto, many residents do not know how it came to be nor do we know who General John Stark is.

John Stark was born on August 28, 1728, and as you may have deduced by his title, he came to be involved in the military. He may be best known for leading attacks against the British during the American Revolution. John Stark contributed to the death of nearly 1,000 men and helped force the surrender of British General John Burgoyne at Saratoga by blocking the British retreat across the Hudson River in 1777.

But wait! Our man John Stark accomplished much more than simply scribing stirring words and helping America achieve independence in one battle. In fact, he accomplished the following before retiring to live with his wife in his home state of New Hampshire:
  • Served in the French and Indian War (1754-1759) as a Lieutenant and later as a Captain
  • Fought at Bunker Hill (June 17, 1775) as a Colonel
  • Continued fighting in the invasion of Canada and New Jersey (1775)
  • As Brigadier General of the local militia, he defeated British and Hessian detachments at the Battle of Bennington (1777) It was a letter commemorating this battle, written to veterans in 1809, that contained the quote that would later become the New Hampshire state motto
  • Served in the Battle of Rhode Island (1779)
  • Served in the Battle of Springfield (New Jersey, 1780)
  • Member of the court-martial condemning Major John André (who served as a British spy)
  • Made Major General in 1783
Yes, General John Stark was as bad (in a good way) as the motto he ended up gifting The Granite State. Granted, the quote itself wasn’t directly his, as “Vivre libre ou mourir” was a popular motto of the French Revolution inspired by the Louis-Sebastian Mercier passage in his book The Year 2440:

“Choose then, man! Be happy or miserable; if yet it be in thy power to choose: fear tyranny, detest slavery, arm thyself, live free, or die!”
As you adventure across New Hampshire it is our hope that you embody this motto. Choose to allow your spirit to live free from the White Mountains to the Cities to the Seacoast, instead of allowing it to wither and die in overwhelming ennui.
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Rainy day? Activity anyway!

Does staying inside all day make you feel cooped up? Lazy? Are you anxious to adventure but don’t know where to go?

(Enter) NH Rocks with the answer!

Here are a few of our favorite places where you can burn off some of that cooped up energy:

  • Evo Rock + Fitness
    • A team favorite! Seriously, we go here almost every week at 10a (unless we have a filming, then it’s 8a). Perfect for young families
  • SkyZone Trampoline Park
    • Foam pits, dunk contests, and free bounce – oh my! See if you can bounce around for more than 45m. It’s harder than you think!
  • White Lake Speedway
    • A year-round entertainment facility with laser tag being the winter anchor. Get yourself a group (or join up with one) and try out a new strategy!
  • Great View Roller Skating
    • Put on your best bell bottoms and recreate some dreams! Perfect for dates or families looking for a bit of memorable fun.
  • Rye Airfield
    • Ever dream of reliving BRINK or hooking your kid up with some ’90s love? Check out Rye Airfield for some BMX or skate induced adrenaline!


Now, this is a (very) incomplete list, so if you need more ideas check out NH Rocks and filter by “indoors” for all the activities we have found!